Help Virginia End Partisan Gerrymandering

Ending Partisan Gerrymandering is one of the major goals of Represent.US.

Gerrymandering is a process by which districts are formed, by political parties, for the express purpose of creating and maintaining a majority in a state.
In many states districts are drawn by the prevailing political party to give themselves an advantage.

Anti Partisan Gerrymandering efforts usually involve creating non partisan committees that will by their very design prevent political parties from doing this.

An amendment is being considered in the state of Virginia right now. Unfortunately it is up to Virginia’s politicians, and if they don’t pass it now, Virginians will have to wait another 10 years before they can try again. 72% of Virginia voters support it but we know that voter support is not always enough.

Represent US wants to lend Virginia supporters some extra clout.
We are having a National Day of Action and it is this Tuesday, January 28th 2020. Politicians need to see that Americans everywhere are talking about and participating in this campaign.

Here are two things that we can do:

Watch and share this video on the Represent US Facebook page

Help out with phoning voters in Virginia and helping them connect them to their representatives to demand an end to gerrymandering. Click to Join the National Phonebank on January 28th.