A new “Unbreaking America” Video just dropped – featuring Singer / Songwriter Sia – about Healthcare Corruption

Right now, healthcare lobbyists are legally allowed to buy our elected officials’ votes. As long as that’s the case, our representatives will continue to choose campaign donations over Americans’ lives. The healthcare industry spends more than anyone else lobbying politicians to rig the system on their behalf. That should be illegal, but it’s not. Watch our new short film starring @sia as we, the people, unbreak America’s healthcare system. #CureCorruption

Republican Party did great in Alaska with RCV

There was a lot of shouting after Sara Palin lost to Mary Peltola in Alaska but overall Republicans did just fine in what has been a historically Republican State.

It seems to me that the RCV results really demonstrate that RCV is blind to Party affiliation. RCV and other of the Represent US strategies disadvantage Parties and give the advantage to Voters and Candidates who prioritize State and Country over Partisanship.

Check out this article –

Republicans hold majority in Alaska House after benefiting from ranked choice voting

April Meeting to be a Virtual One

The next meeting of Represent US in Northern Nevada will be this Thursday the 16th at 6:00 but instead of meeting at Roundtable Pizza we will meet virtually using Zoom.

The particulars will be posted on the Private FB Group and will be sent out by email.

If for any reason you do not get them reach out and we will get you onboard.

Hope that you all are doing OK while Staying Home for Nevada!

Independent Redistricting – An Update

So you know – the signature gathering process for the anti gerrymandering ballot initiative has been delayed again.

Fair Maps Nevada and the Nevada League of Women Voters, after already revising the original ballot measure’s description of effect, are now back in court appealing what appears to be another attempt to delay the signature gathering process.

They are hoping to prevail soon so that they can ramp up signature gathering and coordinate with RepresentUS.

Hopefully we will be announcing signature gathering training real soon.

You can read all about it here

Want to Make Calls to Help End Partisan Gerrymandering in Virginia?

Represent US has a system so that volunteers can make phone calls on their own schedule using an online tool called CallHub.

They have scripts and phone numbers. It is pretty easy and impactful
If you have not done it before there is a training this Sunday – February 23rd.

Go to this webpage for instructions on how to get trained.

If you have done it before just sign in your account at CallHub and the current campaigns should be right there for you to get going.

If you have friends who might want to help you can pass this along. There are some Social Media buttons just below.

Meeting in Carson City coming up on Feb 20th

The next meeting of the Carson City Chapter is coming up. If you would like to make contact with other locals who are working to end corruption and make our democracy more representative come on out.

6:00 PM
Round Table Pizza
961 Topsy Ln, Ste 440,
Carson City, NV 89705

This meeting will also be announced on our Private Facebook Group page and by email blast.

If you want to spread the word about this or anything else there are Social Media links on the post pages.