Effort to Stop Partisan Gerrymandering in Nevada

At the Sierra Nevada Forum last night, besides me talking about RepresentUs, there were also talks about the 2020 Census, The Fair Maps Coalition’s Effort to Stop Partisan Gerrymandering and Civil Discourse at UNR.

I want to talk a bit about the Fair Maps Coalition’s Effort to stop Partisan Gerrymandering:

The League of Women Voters of Nevada is pursuing a state Constitutional Amendment to create a bipartisan independent redistricting commission. They decided to do this “to prioritize the power of the people in the redistricting process and to create checks and balances to regulate the influence of the political parties.”

Sondra Cosgrove explained, among many other things, that a constitutional amendment was chosen specifically to prevent future legislators from undoing voter efforts.

As you are probably aware, ending gerrymandering is one of the goals of RepresentUS, so it is a very natural thing for us to support this effort.

I expect that we will be talking a lot about this effort in the coming months.

You can read all about it on the League of Women Voters Of Nevada Blog and here is a link to the Ballot Question.

If any of you know right now that you want to be involved in signature collection here is the link to volunteer.