Necessity is the Mother of Invention

As you may remember – several months ago the Nevada League of Women Voters, in association with it’s connected organization,  Fair Maps Nevada, was working to end Partisan Gerrymandering in Nevada.  They wrote up a Constitutional Amendment and were mobilizing to gather Petition signatures.

Since ending Partisan Gerrymandering is one of the main goals of RepresentUS we were planning to work with them on this. Circumstances – including a Global Pandemic – conspired to bog the effort down.

Since it is so difficult and expensive to collect petition signatures in Nevada and since the Nevada League of Women Voters, Fair Maps Nevada and Justice Nevada are likely to want to try again on this issue and/or others, they have brainstormed a plan to make collecting signatures easier and less expensive.

They are building a database of registered voters who want to stand ready to consider their next petition effort.

Since you are a member of RepresentUS, you are likely in favor of ending Partisan Gerrymandering and you are likely to be in favor of other actions that the  Non Partisan- Nevada League of Women Voters and these associated groups might work on.  As such – I am thinking you might want to add your name to this database.

If so, click this link and do so.

This Link will take you to a Google Form where you can input your info:  Name, email, City and Zip.

Some details – “The League of Women Voters of Nevada and of Southern Nevada are a 501c3 and c4, so recognized under the IRS as having limits to the amount of political activity they each can engage in each year.  That’s why they created :   Fair Maps Nevada, a bi-partisan coalition of Nevadans joining together to end gerrymandering through transparent redistricting and Justice Nevada to sponsor non-redistricting ballot initiatives developed by the League.”