Represent US Models Transparency

At our last meeting we did an exercise called “One Burning Question”. People wrote questions on slips of paper which were then pulled out of Daniels hat and discussed/ answered by the group. A lot of great dialogue occurred!

One of the questions called for a totally factual answer – How does Represent.Us National fund itself?

Nobody at the meeting felt qualified to answer and we did not take the time to look it up on the spot, so this morning I finally got the chance to do some digging myself.

Naturally Wikipedia was close to the top of my search results and this is what was written there: Funding for RepresentUs comes from individual donations and grants from philanthropic foundations. It does not accept money from governments, intergovernmental organizations, political parties, or corporations so that it avoids their influence.

Here is the link to read the whole thing –

and here is the donor list on the website –