Carson City Board of Supervisors: 5 members:
Mayor: Robert Crowel
Board of Supervisors: Ward 1 Staci Giomi; Ward 2 Brad Bonkowski; Ward 3 Lori Bagwell; Ward 4 John Barrette

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative and executive branch of the Carson City Consolidated Municipality. All power is concentrated in this elected body as a whole. It’s members are the community’s decision makers. The Board enacts all laws and are the key political and policy makers. The members are responsible for soliciting citizen views in forming these policies and interpreting them to the public.

The Board meets for two public meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month beginning at 8:30 AM, in the Sierra Room of the Community Center.

** This is who RepresentUs Carson City will approach with our first American Anti Corruption Act (AACA) resolution, but first we need to gather more support. Spread the RepresentUs word folks!
Their is strength in numbers. United we stand, divided we fall.
Encourage folks to join.

REMEMBER: We are a co-partisan group with a laser focus on ending corruption in our government! ✌️